Thursday, March 30, 2017


Fully integrated accounting system managing your entire portfolio!

Property Management

A suite of comprehensive management tools to better communicate with your clients!


Efficiently manage and streamline your delinquency processes

Automated Task Scheduler

Automate mission critical tasks to insure accurate and timely completion

Web Portals

Provide your clients with real-time account and property management information

VMS Web Service (VMSXChange) allows direct vendor integration

Web Service

Real-time data access for the vendors that service your communities


Welcome to Village Management Software (VMS), one of the most technologically advanced and comprehensive property management tools available to date.  Utilizing a single, unified Microsoft SQL database, VMS provides interactive, real-time data management encompassing every aspect of the property management world.

VMS is not just a single program, but a suite of management tools including everything from accounting, compliance, collections, and delinquency control, to interactive web modules allowing residents, property managers, board members and vendors to interact and communicate in real time. 

From its’ founding roots in HOA management, VMS has grown to encompass all aspects of the property management world, from homeowners association and condominium management, to apartment rental, high rise and commercial property management.  VMS has the capabilities your business needs in today’s competitive marketplace.

Find out what thousands of homeowners associations, condominium associations and apartment/rental management companies across the country already know.  That Village Management Software can and will increase the efficiency and productivity of your property management business, giving your company the competitive edge it needs to thrive and grow in difficult economic times.

Spend a little time browsing through the world of Village Management Software and when you’re ready, just click on the sales event link below to arrange for a live demonstration of our software.  Afterwards, we’re confident you’ll agree that VMS, with its many time and labor saving modules will make your business more efficient, streamlined and productive than you ever thought possible.

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