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Fully integrated accounting system managing your entire portfolio!

Property Management

A suite of comprehensive management tools to better communicate with your clients!


Efficiently manage and streamline your delinquency processes

Automated Task Scheduler

Automate mission critical tasks to insure accurate and timely completion

Web Portals

Provide your clients with real-time account and property management information

VMS Web Service (VMSXChange) allows direct vendor integration

Web Service

Real-time data access for the vendors that service your communities

Modules» Collections
Predefined Letter Sequences
  • VMS provides customizable collection letter sequences to automatically manage the collection process. The sequences can also be manually managed when desired.

Automated Charges
  • Late fees incorporated in the collection letter sequences are linked to the accounting module for automated processing.

Batch Processing
  • Collection letter sequences and associated fees can be processed in bulk over a single community or all of your communities at the same time.


The VMS Collections module will allow you to automate and efficiently manage the collection process. Using predefined letter sequences with automated charges and batch processing over one or all of your communities at the same time. VMS will save your business valuable time in this traditionally laborious task. VMS also integrates with collection agencies to provide up to the minute data on delinquent accounts.

Payment Schedules
  • Payment scheduling and management can be set up and maintained, with notifications of payment through lockbox processing.

Lien and Foreclosure Management
  • VMS can be used to record and manage liens and foreclosure information for managed delinquencies.

Auto Sychronization to VMS Management Company
  • VMS can auto synchronize with other VMS systems if one system is defined as a collection system and requests collection information from other management companies using VMS. Third party vendors can use similar technology to extract data for their accounting systems.

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